Rooster Cogburn (1975)

Rooster Cogburn (1975), directed by Stuart Millar.

Cross True Grit with The African Queen (1951) and what do you get? Mainly a showcase for John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn (both age 68) with lots of comic back and forth between a missionary and a reprobate. The plot, despite the high body count, seems half-hearted. The IMDB has some gossipy production notes.

Not well reviewed or successful at the box office. The vision of Hepburn operating a gatling gun may justify the price of admission.

Since then, with the aging of the baby boomers, geezer adventures and romances have become more common. In this case the star power of the leads actually harms the movie; it seems too staged.

Someday someone will edit all three films into alternate reality time-shifting story.

Miss Hepburn was dressed by Miss Head.

"Keep the faith, M'am. See you at the hangin'".

The DVD is 4:3 letterboxed. Beautiful Oregon locations.