Run for the Sun (1956)

Run for the Sun (1956), directed by Roy Boulting.

Reporter Jane Greer -- Out of the Past (1947), The Big Steal (1949) -- tracks down reclusive author Richard Widmark who is hiding out in Mexico, fishing and drinking. Be a shame if he discovers her true interest in him is as a story. When he divulges painfully intimate history she is distressed: "You shouldn't have told me". Because now she will have to reveal it to the world.

Giving her a lift his plane crashes in the worst possible spot: they are rescued by a German war criminal and his English crony. Escape will be difficult: their hosts have dogs. Dobermans.

And that's not counting the trust issues between our romantic leads...

This is the third film version of the 1924 short story, "The Most Dangerous Game", following The Most Dangerous Game (1932) and A Game of Death (1945). It differs from the earlier treatments:

Trevor Howard is great as the Lord Haw-Haw character, the renegade Englishman who did propaganda broadcasts for the nazis. He doesn't play it as evil, but as a reasonable villain: he was on the losing side. If they'd won he'd be a hero and patriot rather than a traitor. (The historical Haw Haw -- William Joyce -- was hung for treason in 1946).

Photographed by Joseph LaShelle -- Laura (1944), Captain from Castile (1947), Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950). Filmed in Mexico.

The wikipedia has lists of Adaptations of "The Most Dangerous Game" for film, radio and TV. It's been a popular scenario.

Available on DVD. The aspect ratio is Superscope 2:00:1.