Runaway Train (1985)

Runaway Train (1985), directed by Andrei Konchalovsky.

A brutal, gritty escape and survival story under harsh winter conditions, tremendously exciting in spots. The dialogue is sometimes overblown and the actors often out of control. And yet: Jon Voight and Eric Roberts both got Oscar nominations, so what do I know?

Before this I'd seen Rebecca De Mornay only in Risky Business, a glamor role. By contrast she's pretty grubby here.

Small parts for first timers Danny Trejo and Tommy "Tiny" Lister.

What a foul, broken-down, riotous and often on-fire prison!

I don't think you could function or even survive in that cold, at those speeds, with those bare hands.

When this was in the theater I spoke with a railroad track inspector who knew quite a bit about trains. He had a few technical criticisms about the linkages between the engines, but otherwise thought it was well done.

From a story by Akira Kurosawa. Trevor Jones score. Another Golan & Globus production!

Available as an imported region B Blu-ray from Arrow Video.