Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Sense and Sensibility (1995), directed by Ang Lee.

One of the finest Jane Austen productions, somehow midway between period realism and a fantasy romantic comedy for modern tastes. It is like a portal into classic literature, both respecting the original text and enticing the viewer. An illustration of romantic passion in a society more formal than our own.

The producer complained about the shoestring $16 million budget, but they have produced a convincing illusion of a more expensive film. Meticulous visual composition throughout.

Rich cast, all with a touch of humor to their characters:


Although there is an inexpensive all-region Blu-ray import available, Sony has not released a North American version, allowing Twilight Time to do a limited edition instead. This befuddles me: isn't there a perennial Jane Austen boomlet and constant demand for costume romances? Even if this is a women's picture and men do most of the buying, isn't the demand felt somehow?

The film was well-reviewed and earned 8x its budget at the theater. On the other hand as of this writing Twilight Time has still not sold out its 3000 copy run, so maybe it's a good thing I am not in charge at Sony.

My thumbnails are from Twilight Time Blu-ray. The image is quite lovely, "filmic" as we used to say in the pre-digital age.

Two commentary tracks are brought forward from the DVD: