Slightly Scarlet (1956)

Slightly Scarlet (1956), directed by Allan Dwan.

I had never heard of this until I saw it recommended in one of those Citadel Press picture-books: Douglas Brode's Lost Films of the Fifties. By "lost" he means not well known, but not cult either.

It's a minor film that I don't think anyone would claim is important, but it has features worthy of consideration. If we could get a decent restoration it might become better known:

In the book Brode claims that the Code required the sisters to have separate beds (is that true?) and that we are to imagine a more lesbian relationship, with further complications introduced by leading man John Payne.

The VCI DVD is very poor quality and it crops the Superscope 2.0 image to 1.77. A quality restoration would be very welcome.

It does have a good commentary track by a knowledgeable fan.