Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), directed by Nicholas Meyer.

Hysterically happy opening night audience. This was more like it! Better uniforms, great villain, tie-in to the original series, and even some humor.

This begins a three-film story arc. I forget what happens after that. Something about diplomats and God.

The Enterprise is exceptionally military in this one. There is some precedent, but I think it is too much.

Ricardo Montalban just lives the role. Probably the most experienced actor and the one who would actually take direction, dialing it back to make a better, more sinister performance. Shatner on the other hand: you just had to wear him down until he was too tired to over-act.


Available on Blu-ray with two commentaries by the director.

His comments are a bit disconcerting. I'm sure he knows his craft, although he hasn't done that many films and this was only his second. He wasn't a science fiction guy and thought this would be best done as a submarine movie in space.

He had never seen any Star Trek and was astonished to find the entire studio crew weeping at Spock's death scene.

He apologizes for the Genesis planet matte paintings and for the decor in Spock's quarters.