Stranger Than Fiction (2006)

Stranger Than Fiction (2006), directed by Marc Forster.


Shrink: Mr Crick, I hate to sound like a broken record, but that's schizophrenia.

Harold: You don't sound like a broken record, but it's just not schizophrenia. What if what I said was true? Hypothetically speaking, if I was part of a story, a narrative, even if it was only in my mind, what would you suggest that I do?

Shrink: I would suggest you take prescribed medication.

Harold: Other than that.

A very "meta" tale of a bland, seemingly depressed IRS auditor who hears his life being narrated as if he is a character in a book. Until: "Little did he know that his imminent death--". Wait... now what?

His next assignment is a manic pixie anarchist baker who refuses to pay that part of her taxes that goes to war-making. And you know what: she's just what he needs.

It is clever and has funny bits, but I find the whole project a bit cold. Homes and offices seem sterile, although the bakery is naturally warmer. Two things bother me:

I'm not sure how "meta" the story really is. Does the Harold in the book also hear his life being narrated? The movie doesn't say so, but I don't know else to account for the magical phone call to the author's office as she types the lines.

Our cast:

Little bits:

Available on Blu-ray. The early mpeg2 video encoding looks quite nice to me, a good representation of the clarity and coolness of this world. A later special edition is said to have commentary tracks, but these are not on my older disc.