Suspiria (1977)

Suspiria (1977), directed by Dario Argento.

An American student arrives at a hysterically bizarre German dance academy where strange...oh, never mind. It's Argento. Plot is secondary to stylish scares and violence. It's a quirky mannered presentation, like an opera without singing.

I would call it an art/slasher film. How big is that genre? We have a lurid, saturated color scheme lighted like a music video with colored lights shining on every scene. Visually, it's something wild. The soundtrack has moaning, howling voices which only the audience can hear.

Jessica Harper looks like a dancer although we don't see her dance. She has an oddly funny, distracted manner, as if she has something else really important on her mind while dealing with supernatural murder.

Some gruesome slasher effects.

Two cast members from an earlier era: Joan Bennett and Alida Valli.

Frantic, off-kilter but fun score by Goblin, who also did notable work for Argento's Deep Red (1975).

Available on region B Blu-ray, but my thumbnails are from DVD. It has closed captions but no subtitles.