Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960)

Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960), directed by Terence Fisher.

I review this only because (1) for some reason I'm compelled to report on obscure Hammer Films titles, and (2) I have a nostalgic attachment to Richard Greene, who was the TV Robin Hood of my youth, starring in a UK series of the late 1950s.

Last week my wife's mother called and asked what we were watching. An old Robin Hood movie. "Is it Richard Greene?" she asked.

This is like an extended episode except -- shocker -- the Sheriff is murdered by other villains. The Sheriff is Peter Cushing, bearded and looking like the devil.

Robin proves his archery prowess. He first meets Marian here and we have hints of marriage by the end.

Young Oliver Reed is one of the aristocratic thugs.

Filmed in Ireland. It's great to see the old TV Robin Hood in color and scope ratio. Even a low-budget film is rich by comparison to the TV versions of the time.

Otherwise: waste of time for just about everyone. Decent score, hideous subtitles.