Thing That Couldn't Die, The (1958)

The Thing That Couldn't Die (1958), directed by Will Cowan.

A young woman with psychic powers warns her friends not to dig up an old buried chest. That's because it contains a severed head, still alive after centuries, with evil mind control powers. Don't let it be reattached to its body, you fools!

Why review this very... modest... film? Perhaps because I enjoyed cheesy 1950s SF and horror films in my youth and need to defend them. When any title is lampooned on Mystery Science Theater the program's fans rush to the IMDB and vote it down as the "worst film EVER! OMG!! LOL!!!" That is unappealing herd behavior.

Even a small -- very small -- title such as this has its virtues:

Available on DVD-R, only 69m long. ClassicFlix has it for rent. The IMDB has 1.85 for the aspect ratio; this is 1.33.