Tommy (1975)

Tommy (1975), directed by Ken Russell.

Famous at one time, now pretty much forgotten. Finally got around to seeing it. An interesting mid-70s artifact and Ken Russell is often...well, "interesting"...but once is probably enough. There are a few notable songs but not enough other music to make an opera. Rather feeble meandering plot. The weird god-help-us staging and stunts are now just kind of puzzling.

Similar The Wall a few years later, it is about rock-star alienation in that generation who lost fathers doing WW2. Throw in a bit of A Clockwork Orange (1971) and a lot of Privilege (1967), a much better film.

Quite a lot of Ann-Margret dancing and writhing (once in puddle of baked beans) and she had an Oscar nomination for it. I wonder if the director was smitten with her? She and Oliver Reed anchor the film.

Three stars from Maltin, IMDB has it at 6.6.