View to a Kill, A (1985)

A View to a Kill (1985), directed by John Glen.


Bond Girl: Do you know what I'm sitting on?

[camera cuts to shapely nether regions]

Bond: I'd rather not think about it.

007 must disrupt a nefarious business plan to flood Silicon Valley.

Bond #14 is Roger Moore's seventh and last. He said "I was only about four hundred years too old for the part" but he honestly doesn't look that bad (age 57). He does less of his own running and punching and the stunt doubles are more obvious than usual.

As typical for this era the production values are excellent with a rich and glossy look. And as usual it's a leisurely "who cares?" plot, although it picks up with more action in the last half hour. Tanya Roberts is one of the weakest Bond Girls.

On the other hand Christopher Walken is great fun as the erratic genius and criminal mastermind. He dies laughing, falling from his very cool mini-dirigible.

Fierce and striking Grace Jones is one of the more notable henchwomen of the series. (Aside: I knew a DJ who had met lots of celebrity singers; he said Jones was one of the most charismatic people he'd ever met. David Bowie was another).

John Barry score, with a few bits from On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) brought forward.

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