Working Girl (1988)

Working Girl (1988), directed by Mike Nichols.

The outline is a classic comedy setup from earlier decades: a secretary takes advantage of her boss's extended absence to impersonate an executive and claw her way into high finance, finding time for new love along the way.

It's not a full-out romantic comedy because her life has considerable stress and sorrow: her no-good cheating boyfriend, being stuck among the secretaries no matter how hard she works, and possessing considerable passion but unwilling to sleep her way up.

It's something of a class warfare comedy: blue collar New Jersey vs rich Manhattan, big-hair office workers vs the sleek and predatory execs.

Well structured and expertly edited. The casting is good:

When Griffith first has her hair up and puts on a suit -- and I'm sure this is intentional -- she looks much like her mother:

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