Young Lions, The (1958)

The Young Lions (1958), directed by Edward Dmytryk.

The lives and loves of three soldiers, with a few combat scenes. It's well done, but at 2 3/4 hours tends toward soap opera.

Marlon Brando is a serious-minded but non-political German officer. As the war proceeds he becomes more disillusioned about the cause. Brando's accent is thicker than Maximilian Schell's, who was to the manor born.

Dean Martin is a singer who really doesn't want to go to war, but guilt eventually drives him on. He's good in the role.

Montgomery Clift is a scrawny Jew continually beaten by the hulking antisemites in his barracks. He sticks with it and they eventually let him play cards. I never before noticed how much his ears stick out; maybe it's the haircut.

Martin is his only pal and they meet up again in Europe where both have become good soldiers. They encounter Brando outside a death camp during the German retreat.