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Last updated: March 7, 2014

Sattre Press

I own Sattre Press, a book publishing company. I do the book design, typesetting, web design, programming, selling, shipping and everything else except the printing and binding.

Here is an essay giving the details of how I got started.

Online Books

As part of my work with Sattre Press, I am putting some public domain titles on the web for free. They are listed on The Online Books Page and have been contributed to Project Gutenberg.

Available now:

Book Reviews

Movie and Audio Reviews

Eric Voegelin Study Page

Outlines, articles and links which may be helpful for those reading political scientist and philosopher Eric Voegelin.



Montag is a home computer built in September 2007.

Dolores is a home computer built in September 2011.

Curator is a file server built in March 2014.


The ConTeXt and pdfTeX Beginners Help Page is a collection of hints and examples I collected while learning to use TeX.


Software Consulting, Contract Programming, Book design and typesetting



Friends of Mine

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